How to ace interviews

By: Squarestar Digital 22 September 2020

We all know how daunting interviews can be, so here are some tips and tricks on how to ace an interview!

This our interview tip #1 and that’s because we believe it’s the most important!

Always research the company and industry, you want to walk into the interview knowing the companies values, history and what they do. You will feel instantly prepared if you research the company and industry and it shows the employer you care.

Our interview tip #2 is dress for success!

We believe first impressions are vital, especially in a interview. You want to turn up to an interview looking clean and smart, make sure your shoes are clean and tidy. Take that power suit from your wardrobe and rock it!

Our interview tip #3 is to be on time and that means early!

We recommend turning up to the interview 5-10 minutes early, that way you show the interviewer you have good time management and that you are reliable. (Don’t be too early the interviewer might not be ready!)

Our interview tip #4 is to watch your body language.

What you don’t say can be as important as what you do say in a job interview.

We reccomend to:

-Sit up straight

-Maintain eye contact


-Walk with confidence

-Deliver a firm handshake

Interview tip #5 is to prepare questions!

You know that dreaded question at the end of the interview, “do you have any questions to ask us”. We recommend to come up with 3-4 questions to ask the interviewer, that way your prepared if your question has already been answered during the interview.

Our interview Tip #6 is to prepare for common interview questions.

There are always questions that are guaranteed to be asked, head over to our post about how to answer 10 common interview questions here.

Make sure to take the correct documents with you!

You always need to bring proof of Right To Work with you to an interview. You either need a passport or your Birth Certificate with proof of your National Insurance Number.

Watch this fun video on what to wear for an interview!