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Helping you find the right people for your business to thrive

Temporary  Staff

We can help on a short term or long term bases providing staff quickly and efficiently, so you can run your business and maintain the service you need for your clients, saving you time and money. Temporary staff are a great option during uncertain times and for temporary assignments.  

 Temporary To Permanent

The benefits of temporary to permanent is you can see if the candidate is right for your business requirements before offering a permanent position.


Let us save you time, we can help in different ways with our different services  by doing what we do best and recruiting staff so you ca focus on your business.


1. Advertising.

We can advertise with our premium job adverts on various sites including Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs to name a few.

2. CV sorting,

Let us advertise and sort through all the CVs, we can assess the candidates’ suitability and only recommend the potentially perfect candidate for the position.

3. Interviewing

We can provide a stress-free recruitment service for you. We will advertise, CV sort and Interview the candidates to save you even more time, only then we will recommend candidates we feel are right for your business.

We can only provide these services if we understand the type of candidate your looking for. As a local based team we are able to meet and discuss your requirements. DH recruitment is a National brand and you will only be dealing with the Colchester based office.

Our Fees

£0- £15,000£1200

£15,001- £25,000


£35001 to £50,000



Helping find staff for


exciting openings


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